Welcome to Bornholm!

Welcome to my website!

Here you can read a lot about the small Baltic Island Bornholm, where I live.

Read about the strange round churches, ancient stone carvings and the nature in general – it has a lot to offer!

Please feel free to browse my photo galleries – every picture is taken by myself, yet another one of my hobbies…


Read also about the Danisch concept: The party song – and perhaps you need to go to a party? I will help you write a song!

You will also find pages about astronomy, astrology and the wisdom of the ancients, which may have a role to play now, at the turn of the ages.


Please note: If you visit my web site on a smartphone, the menu is visible beneath the main text.


About myself:

I live on a small farm with my husband, a few cats, chickens and gold fish (in my pond).

I was born in 1954 and work as a writer (I have published 5 novels about Bornholm – but they can only be read in Danish, sorry).

Besides, I work as a bus guide in the summer here on the island.




Please enjoy my internet site,

Jeanne Cordua