Going to a party?

Do like the Danes do – give the host a Party Song!

E-mail or call me and let me show you how it is done!

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Danes sing at the following occasions on melodies well known to them with a text celebrating the host /married couple etc…

Baptizing – Wedding – Anniversaries – Birthdays – Confirmation

Perhaps you need place cards or a menu? This can also be done!

Or how about a

Speech – Monologue or Sketch?

Or maybe do it a modern way – how about a funny PowerPoint presentation of the couple, birthday boy/girl etc.?

Price for a Power Point presentation in English: 700 Dkr.

We can find out of that, too!

Klinthøj Sange
by Jeanne Cordua
Phone 0045+.21 42 23 75

Klinthøj Songs

– made on Bornholm with care!

If you want to have a song etc. made please e-mail me!

My price for a song: Dkr.600,-

Contact me for prices on other products!