Poulsker church – the forgotten mystery

by Jeanne Cordua

In Poulsker church, also South Bornholm, there are more exciting things to find. Over the entrance door in the porch: once more the fleur-de-lys (right)

Beside the door a little man(?) and a chessboard with 64 fields and something looking like a backgammon board with 2 x 12 fields, perhaps a local calender? Both the Templars and the Freemasons (their present day succesors) are known to have a symbolism connected to the use of the chess board: playing the game of life etc. And the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain was called the “checkerboard of joy”.


The frescoes also have funny and strange pictures. Look:
In Denmark we say “drunk as a pig” or “putting on a bear”?

Or perhaps the bears are hints at Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, the constellations in the Northern sky?

This little man – have a closer look at him. He is a true knight and can be found high up in the choir (therefore the poor image quality, sorry) . A true crusader with book and sword and glory! Usually he is interpreted as Saint Paul, the church saint.
The frescoes below show Christ rising from the grave. The three women are strange, one is constantly shown without a face. Why? The infamous Mary Magdalen?

Please notice the tilt of the cross in the resurrection scene. It is in level with the sword. 22-25 degrees – the same as the tilt of the earth’s axis. A coincidence?

All these things will forever remain mysteries, but one is permitted to ponder – and perhaps come to the island of Bornholm and see for yourself, thus getting ideas of your own! Hereby I pass inspiration on to you.

Recommended reading:
Erling Haagensen: Bornholms mysterium, BOGAN, 1993 (Home page)

Michael Baigent, Richard Lee og Henry Lincoln: The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, Corgi Books, 1982

Henry Lincoln: Key to the Sacred Pattern, 1997

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